Welcome to Millgrove Baptist Church!

We’d love to meet you and have a chat – let us know when you’re coming and we’ll be there to greet you.

What to Expect

  • We’re a friendly, welcoming church with a heart for the local community and an atmosphere that’s open and inviting.
  • There’s plenty of parking.
  • Feel free to arrive a little early to have time to say ‘Hello!’ and become familiar with the facilities.
  • And make sure you stay around after the service for a delicious country style morning tea.
  • Services last around an hour and a half and are followed by morning tea.
  • If you have children in primary school or younger, we provide activities during Church for the children.

If you decide to continue in our Church Brigitte McDonald  (A Trained School Teacher) will conduct Junior Sunday School during School Terms each Sunday.

Older children would also be invited to join Henk Boer for Senior Sunday School

Both Junior and Senior Sunday Schools would run at the same time as our church service.

There’s a Parent room as well for parents with children aged 0–4 years.

As our guest we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed – there’s no dress code and we welcome you just as you are, regardless of your age, stage or situation.

What about coming to Church this Sunday to meet us?

Join us at Alpha – Starting after Easter in April:

Alpha is an informal time where you can ask your questions about life and faith in a safe, friendly environment.

It begins with an introductory dinner where you can find out more with no pressure and no commitment. Throughout the series of weekly gatherings, you’ll have lots of opportunities to explore life’s big questions, including:

  • What is the point of life?
  • What evidence is there for life after death?
  • What relevance does Jesus have for our lives today?
  • How do we deal with guilt?

Alpha is free to attend; opportunity is available to donate towards the cost of meals.

Call Pastor Ray NOW on 0404 036 244 – it will change your life for the good!


Baptism is an important first step of obedience in the life of every disciple of Jesus, it is a ceremony which marks our acceptance and renewal in Christ in a powerful way

To be baptized at Millgrove Baptist Church, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Pastor Ray McDonald takes a group at least once a year for a 6 week course (one night each week) called ‘Discovering Church Membership’ which includes an explanation of Baptism and becoming a part of the Church.

Or Phone Pastor Ray on Mobile 0404 036 244

Join a Home Group

Home Groups are a significant key to getting connected at Millgrove Baptist. They are small groups of like-minded people who share, laugh, cry and serve together, because life’s better together.

Home Groups that meet throughout the week at different times and places. To find a group that suits you, talk to Pastor Marg at Church or fill out the form below or Phone Marg directly and we’ll be able to place you in a group which meets your needs.

Why don’t you phone Pastor Marg NOW?                           Mobile 0438 507 630

Join The Team

Join the Team at Millgrove Baptist and invest your time and energy to help and serve others.

There are so many opportunities for you to contribute – from welcoming people in church, joining a prayer team, caring for people in the community, mentoring students, assisting in distributing food at Second Bite, providing meals for Alpha, and many, many more.

Join in and use your God given abilities to play your unique part!

Fill in the Contact Us Form


Make Millgrove Baptist church your home church and grow alongside others in our faith community.

At Millgrove Baptist Church, belonging is about much more than the Sunday service. Belonging is about how we can expand the kingdom of God and grow in our relationships with God and one another.

Each one of us brings our own unique gifts and experience to the Church and yet in Christ, we are all of one heart and one mind. We encourage you to apply for membership and make Millgrove Baptist Church your spiritual home.

To prepare for membership at Millgrove Baptist Church:

  • Book in to the ‘Discover Church Membership series with Pastor Ray
  • Read the Church Rules
  • Fill out the application form below

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