About Us

Serving the Community since our establishment in 1963


“To love and worship God and, led by the Holy Spirit, be a caring family where all are growing into Christian maturity, being equipped for lives of ministry and committed to seeing all people reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.”

Member of the Baptist Union of Victoria

Minister: Pastor Pastor Ray McDonald

Phone: 0404 036 244

Email: ray.brig@bigpond.com

Associate Pastor: Marg Bastian 

Phone: 0438 507 630

Treasurer: Marie Morgan

Phone 0414 821 951

Email: marsml@tpg.com.au

Millgrove Baptist Church

4 Cavanagh Road, Millgrove, Victoria, 3799

Postal Address: PO Box 258, Yarra Junction 3797

Email: millgrovebaptist@gmail.com

Phone: 5966 9482

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