Baptist Origins

The first Baptist churches came into being in Europe over 400 years ago as part of the Reformation which swept the continent. The Baptist movement’s founding principles:

  • Freedom of worship according to one’s own conscience
  • Baptism of believers only
  • Each believer’s direct access to God
  • Liberty
  • Voluntary association of believers

These beliefs and practices were regarded as so radical at the time that many who held them were martyred.

Baptists in Australia

  • The first Baptists came to Australia in 1831.
  • Today there are about 65,000 members in Baptist churches in Australia and many more adherents.
  • Each local church is autonomously self-governing.
  • We voluntarily link together with other churches to form a Baptist Union in each state, which in turn forms the Baptist Union of Australia.
  • We have fraternal links through the Baptist World Alliance with around 3 million others around the world. We are a part of God’s worldwide family of Christians, which numbers 2.3 billion.

Baptists in the Upper Yarra Valley

Our Church commenced at a Church Service held in the home of the Boer Family in East Warburton under the ministry of a retired Baptist Minister Rev Brooks who was based at the Lilydale Baptist Church and part of a circuit including the then Picnic Hill Baptist Fellowship. The initial leadership was provided by Mr & Mrs Boer and Howard & Olive McDonald and their families.

As the Church grew it was necessary to find a permanent and suitable location. The Fellowship eventually purchased the old wooden and derelict Presbyterian Church at 4 Cavanagh Rd, Millgrove – the present site.

During the 1970’s a hall was added to the back of the Church. Later the old wooden Church was dismantled and replaced by the current brick Worship Centre.

The 50th Church Anniversary was celebrated in 2013.

The Church attendance grew over many years to a high of about 70 people including children. However, people have grown older or have moved on, current regular numbers on a Sunday morning are between 30 to 40 people including children.

Church Affiliation

  • Millgrove Baptist Church is a member Church of the Baptist Union of Victoria ( ) which consists of 237 Churches throughout Victoria who work together to meet mutual needs.
  • Each Church is however independent appointing its own minister and conducting its own affairs.
  • Our Baptist overseas missions are conducted by a group called Global Interaction ) and
  • our Welfare arm is known as Bapcare providing for social and community support to particularly children and the Elderly (
  • We are also affiliated with:
    Australia Baptist Ministry ( – Baptists Churches linked Australia wide and
  • The Baptist World Alliance. (, Baptists throughout the world.
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