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Child Dedication

Child dedication in some other Churches is known as baptism.  Our Baptisms are for adult believers who have made a personal commitment to follow Jesus.

The Dedication of a Child is so much more than an event, this is an opportunity for you to give thanks to God for your child and publicly invite God to be with your child throughout his or her life. A dedication is a milestone in the life of your family.

For those who are not from a Baptist background Dedication of a Child places an emphasizes a commitment by the parents to raise their child under God’s protection. The child’s commitment comes later when they are old enough to give their lives to God themselves through ‘believer’s baptism’.

A child’s dedication is an opportunity to acknowledge God’s blessing and thank Him for the precious gift He has entrusted to you. It is also an opportunity for us as a church to partner with you in the responsibility of parenthood.

Together we’ll create a unique and memorable moment in celebration of the newest member of your family. We will help you shape a heartfelt promise of your hopes and prayers for your child’s future and give you the opportunity to share this with your family and friends.
You are encouraged to contact Pastor Ray McDonald for an information session where he will assist you in planning this significant occasion and answer any questions you have for the dedication of your little one.

Dedications can take place in a Sunday service, at any other time during the week in the Church or in your home or any other appropriate or significant place.

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